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Mar 14, 2013 5:30pm PDT
officers looking for. >> reporter: in a twist the obama administration's tsa is getting support for its new list of what's allowed from some republican lawmakers. >> i want to commend you on this list you have come out with. i would like for it to be a little longer, but you have made a good start. >> reporter: while some democrats are threatening legislation to block the new rules. >> this tsa knife policy will not fly with the american people. we will not rest until america's flight attendants, pilots, air marshalls, and passengers are protected. >> reporter: but tonight, despite the uproar, the tsa says it's sticking with its new knife policy. mr. pistole said he consulted internally with air marshalls and screeners but they are now opposed to the plan and so are a lot of pilots. brian? >> tom costello at reagan national airport for us tonight. tom, thanks. >>> in other transportation news this time the ship is the carnival "dream" and it is the second time recently a carnival cruise liner hasn't lived up to its name. while docked in st. maarten a generator problem led to power outages a
Mar 19, 2013 5:30pm PDT
is a first for the obama administration, the white house today reminded reporters the president is the president wherever he goes. >>> it was a glittering night at the white house. 1985, princess diana and john travolta on the dance floor. her midnight blue gown was an instant sensation. it has sold at auction for $362,000 and change to an anonymous bidder who wanted to surprise his wife. >>> a big problem for lululemon, the makers of high end popular yoga clothes. they are recalling 17% of the women's yoga pants sold in their stores because they are see-through. they were made too sheer. they show too much. the vancouver-based company will take a financial hit and there may be shortages until their stock can get back up on its feet. >>> when we come back here tonight, a story of progress. schools thinking outside the box and outside the gym to help kids get some exercise. >> announcer: stories of progress, brought to you by citi. supporting progress for 200 years. >>> our final story tonight is one of progress for all those school children who have no regular gym class. that's
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2